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the writ

Format: Short Film
Genre: Gothic Horror
Status: Post-Production


When a struggling writer’s dreams bleed into his reality, a sinister character tries to convince him that a magical book can help him succeed in forging a new destiny. But at what cost?

The Writ is a film by Ket Majmudar and Spirit Quest Productions and we are helping with various post-production activities to get the film festival-ready. For more information, check out the dedicated Instagram page.

the job

Format: Short Film
Genre: Comedy Crime
Status: Script Complete


Two orphaned siblings must recover a stolen briefcase to save their skins from their boss after their stupidity wrecked their last job (and the restaurant).

the program

Format: Short Film + Pilot
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Status: Script Complete


A shrinking violet takes revenge on her old high-school abuser after a chance meeting in her local bookshop. Or was it?

(Formerly titled “The Family” and received a 7.9 score from Shore Scripts in 2023. Updated for 2024.)


Format: Short Film
Genre: Ghost Story

Status: Script Complete


How far would you go to protect your past? A mother confronts her latest abuser after her son’s imaginary friend reveals the dark secret she tried to bury.

plenipotent sky

Format: Short Series
Genre: Thriller
Status: In Development


When a moment’s weakness allows a rogue god to escape, the lord of the air must seek help from his son to avert the rewriting of history. 

worlds end

Format: Feature
Genre: Horror
Status: In Development


A young couple’s camping trip is cut short by a furious storm and they must seek refuge in a foreboding house to survive the night.

secrets of the ruhari

Format: Feature Film
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Status: In Development


After her detective husband is murdered, a Russian ex-sergeant believes her family is being targeted by supernatural forces so she must overcome her PTSD to save her son and her sanity.

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